Machine Quilting Prices

Machine Quilting Prices

I have a pricing structure based on the complexity of the quilting which is requested and the size of the quilt top itself.

The Prices below are in Australian dollars..

Calculating the size of the quilt top

I calculate the size of the quilt top by measuring the length and width of the quilt through the centre in inches

For example; The length of the top is 82 inches and the width is 80 inches

I mutiply 82 x 80 = 6560 sq inch then divide by 144 = 45.55 sq ft.

Once the size of the quilt is calculated, then the cost of the quilting is going to be, dependant on how complex you want the quilting design to be, based on the prices below.


 Edge to Edge - A continuous, repeated design and covers the whole quilt

From $ 4.20  to       $ 4.50 per sq.ft.

Simple Quilting -all over meander may have loops, hearts or stars included in meander  $ 4.20 per sq ft.

Stipple Large to medium meander continous stitching like a jigsaw puzzle shapeas a all over design

Large is $4.00 per sq ft  to small $6.00 per sq ft.

Edge to Edge Plus - is a continuous repeat design in the centre section of the quilt,  with a different border eg. Piano Keyed, Swags, Stipple

 $ 5.50 per sq ft.

Custom Quilting Light - Quilting designs to suit quilt top , Stitch in Ditch of Borders and Sashing, Pattern in Border 


$ 10.00 per sq ft.

Custom Quilting Medium - Medium density quilting eg Stitch in Ditch of Borders and Sashing, Each block has a different design.


$ 12.00 per sq ft.

Custom Quilting Dense - Dense Quilting ,Stitch in Ditch all over, Cross Hatching, More Intricate and Complex patterns or price on Quote


$ 25.00 ask for Quote

Preparation Charge - Where the backing needs joining or where I have to "Prepare" quilt top / or backing in order to get it loaded onto the machine,cut threads iron seams

 $ 25 per hour

Wadding -  I carry Matilda's Own 60% Wool / 40% Poly wadding 310cm wide ,        O-sew Soft Polyester wadding 240cm wide, Mini Jumbuck 240cm wide 60% Wool / 40% Poly. You can supply your own or I will supply it.

 Call for Pricing

Binding - I am happy to attach your already made binding to your quilt topform front only, ready for you to hand sew

 $0.10 per linear inch
Minimum Charge per Quilt  $60


 Threads I use are Signature, Rainbow, Lava, Bottom Line, So Fine, MaxiLock.

The Thread cost are included in the quilting cost.

This all looks very complicated but it isn't. Please Contact me if your need any information at all.

NB : These prices are as at 1st January 2017 and are subject to change.